Baby equipment rental when and where you need it!

How it works

Renting baby items with Pekego is very easy and fast. The process takes no more than 10 minutes.

Step 1

Go to the locations section and choose your destination city.

Step 2

Choose the baby items you wish to rent. You can choose individual items or one of our packages.

Step 3

Select your pick-up and return dates.

Step 4

Pay securely online. After the payment, we will contact you to arrange the delivery.


Step 5

That’s it! Your baby items will be waiting for you at your destination.

About Us

Pekego to the rescue

Pekego is an idea that came about when we saw the need to simplify our family trips. Traveling with babies or small children can be one of the most beautiful experiences we have as parents, but it can also be stressful, complicated and expensive. We decided then, to make things easier for traveling families, and to provide them with a variety of items for babies and young children that they can rent during their stay in Colombia and other destinations around the world.

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Our Products

In PekeGo, we have all the items you need for traveling with your baby. Items such as strollers, cribs, bathtubs, and many more. Visit our locations section and find out what items are available in your destination city.

What our customers say

Pekego was there for us when we needed it on our vaction in Colombia.  Everything arrived on time, communication was easy and equipment was clean and as described.  We would definitely recommend.

– Mark from the UK

My wife was a bit stressed travelling to Washington DC with our new baby girl.  Pekego delivered a stroller and crib to our airbnb.  We had a great trip.  The baby even slept through the night.  We strolled around a lot of sites including the Zoo, of course.  I would definitely use the service again and recommend to others.

– James from California

Our trip to Menorca was relaxing and enjoyable thanks in part to the items we rented from Pekego.  The island is beautiful, but so much better when you know that you have the things you and your child are used to back home.  Thank you Pekego for making the holiday hassle free.

– Fleur from France


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Work with us.

At PekeGo, we are a great community.  If you want to join us as a provider and help hundreds of families; create unique memories when traveling with their babies, feel free to write to us.  

If you don’t have a baby rental service and want to sign up for one, we can help you get started.

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