Wagon (Veer All Terrain Cruiser)

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Wagon (Veer All Terrain Cruiser)

Veer All-Terrain Cruiser

With the feel, functionality and safety of a premium stroller, our all-terrain Cruiser helps you negotiate hills, blow through boundaries and reimagine family adventures. Push. Pull. Twist. Turn. Beach. Snow. Mud. Rocks. They haven’t invented a season or a terrain yet that Cruiser can’t navigate. The Veer Cruiser grows with your family and ready to roll. We invite you to become a Veer family and re-learn what you probably already know: Beyond structure exists fresh air, open skies, dirty hands, skinned knees, muddy toes and sheer, unbridled spontaneity. Onward. Outward. Togetherward.

USD$20 / day

Long Term Rental Discounts:
– 1 week 10%
– 2 weeks 20%
– 3 weeks 30%
– 4 weeks 40%
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