Video Monitor

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Video Monitor

MoonyBaby Video Monitor
4.3″ LCD FULL-COLOR video baby monitor with night vision, baby room temperature display, talk back, zoom in view, built-in 5 lullabies and without using Wifi/internet

FEATURES CEC CERTIFIED BATTERY CHARGING SYSTEM (BCS) MONITOR: Monitor has been tested with the most updated CEC (California Energy Commission) Battery Charging system standard and registered as a complied product under Appliance Efficiency Program.

SIMPLE PLUG AND PLAY: Camera and monitor have been paired with each other. Without hassle WIFI setup, you can start to use it just plug in the power adapter.

BABY ROOM TEMPERATURE MONITORING: Constantly monitors the temperature in your baby’s room and alerts you when it is too hot (setup in Menu) or too cold (Set in Menu). This feature ensures your baby stays in a comfortable and safe environment at all times.

5 LULLABIES: Camera has a built-in 5 LULLABIES and you can play lullaby from monitor to soothe baby.

AUTOMATIC NIGHT VISION: Camera is designed with invisible IR LEDs and enhanced night vision algorithm which automatically switch to night mode, you could see a bright image even in the night.

ZOOM IN: You can ZOOM IN the camera to see closer of the baby.

SUPER COVERAGE: Approximately 1000 feet coverage

TWO WAY TALK BACK: With TALK BACK button, you can talk to your partner or baby when they need you.

USD$6 / day

Long Term Rental Discounts:
– 1 week 10%
– 2 weeks 20%
– 3 weeks 30%
– 4 weeks 40%
Once dates are selected, discounts will be applied automatically to the price shown.

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