Tips for renting and choosing the best car seat for babies

Jul 8, 2021

Throughout the development of our business, at PekeGo, we have gained experience in helping numerous families to travel comfortably and forget about the worries of packing baby items.

Thus, we have found that one of the best items you can rent to make traveling with your baby easier is the car seat.

Car seats are difficult to pack, especially when traveling by plane, plus the risk of getting them ruined or even worse, misplaced!

Hence, the best option is undoubtedly to rent a car seat and receive it at the destination, but the question that distresses more than one mom, especially if she is a first time mom, is which would be the best car seat to travel with a baby?

For that reason, today we want to talk about what you should take into account when renting a car seat, when traveling with your baby.

How to choose the ideal car seat?

Choosing the ideal car seat for your baby is extremely important, as your baby’s safety depends on it.  In case of an accident, having the right car seat will keep your baby safe.

According to studies, the child restraint systems that baby car seats have, reduces the risk of injury by 90%.

Nevertheless, the issue with baby car seats is frequently complex, because there are several aspects that you must take into consideration to make the right choice.

These factors are: the needs of the trip, the baby’s comfort, and the legal regulations of the destination.  Once you are clear about these factors, you should know the different types of car seats that exist, to make the right choice.

Types of infant car seats

When renting a baby car seat you will find several models.  If you do not believe it, we invite you to visit our product section.

These car seat models are categorized into two types: infant car seat, convertible car seat and booster seat.

            Infant car seat

Infant car seats are used for newborns, until they reach 35 pounds. It is recommended not to choose the type of seat by age, as it all depends on the size of your baby.   

They are generally small seats, which make them quite practical when carrying and moving the baby out of the car.

In some countries, it is legally established that the baby must be facing backwards until the age of 2.  This is the main function of the infant car seat, so if your baby is small, this type of seat is the right one for you.

But, what happens when the baby is not yet two years old and weighs more than 35 pounds?

infant car seat

            Convertible car seat

This type of car seat works for older babies. It is called a convertible car seat because it has two functions. 

The first one is to be placed upside down, in case your baby is not yet 2 years old.  And the second one is if he/she is already 2 years old, the same car seat can be flipped forward.

A convertible car seat can be useful for newborn babies and older children.  The seat “grows” and adapts to the baby.

convertible car seat

            Booster seat

Although the convertible car seat works for bigger babies, naturally the baby will grow up and weigh more than 15 kg, so in this case the Booster seat is the perfect solution.

This seat consists of a cushion and a backrest that is placed on the car seat. With this chair your child will be elevated, and the seat belt can be adjusted correctly.

booster seat

What is the best car seat for babies?

Once you have learned about the types of baby car seats you may wonder which is the best option for your trip?

And the answer is simple; it all depends on the circumstances of the trip, your needs and those of your baby.

Although at first a convertible car seat may seem like the best option, it is generally larger.  Therefore, if your baby is small and during the trip you need to take him/her out of the car on several occasions, an infant car seat is the ideal choice.

On the other hand, if your baby weighs more than 35 pounds and is not yet two years old, will be two years old during the trip, or is already two years old, the convertible car seat is for you.

Finally, if you have a bigger child that weighs more than 15 kg, he will be too big for a convertible car seat, and not big enough for the car seat. Here is where the booster seat is ideal to keep them safe. 

Now that you know how to choose the best car seat for your baby, you just need to choose the destination and book the rental!

At PekeGo, we have different models of car seats, to know our locations just click here. 

If you have any questions, you can also find us on Instagram and Facebook.

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